Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Living and Laughter with Alzheimer's

 I’ve written a number of previous posts for this blog about my “entertainment” role as my father’s Alzheimer’s progressed. Always such a serious kid, I could not possibly have imagined myself as class clown. Dad was the nutty punster who always made me laugh. But when Dad’s disease progressed to the bleak stage, I instinctively knew my job was to bring him joy. That included making him laugh. I brought him joke books in a tote bag I dubbed my “bag of tricks.” I recalled funny family stories that he enjoyed. I played silly videos for him. It did us both good to laugh together.

Jim Greenwood’s “Living and Laughter with Alzheimer’s” article in Today’s Caregiver’s online newsletter is an excellent reminder of this. And he includes some good jokes! Click on this link to read his article. Greenwood has also authored a book called Alzheimer’s: Medical Science and Families Are Still Asking Why.

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