Friday, April 19, 2013

… and other duties as assigned

Yesterday I swept earthworms off my parents’ front porch. When I stopped by to be sure their basement hadn’t flooded in our recent deluge, I noticed about a hundred worms had apparently washed up—or wiggled up from the garden to avoid drowning—I’m not a worm psychologist, so I’m not sure their reason. But there they were. (1) I couldn’t step anywhere on the porch without squishing a worm … eeewww. (2) Should it stop raining one of these weeks, the worms would bake in the sun and be rendered impossible to get off the concrete.

You kind of expect your eldercare job description to include paying bills, bringing groceries or meals, arranging appointments, and the like. But every so often, the “… and other duties as assigned” surprises you with worm duty. LOL