Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wondering About In-Home Help?

Maybe you worry about your parents' health now that Mom can no longer stand in the kitchen to chop vegetables and fruit. Not to mention she's cooked so many meals in the last 60 years, she's not motivated beyond popping freezer meals in the microwave. Maybe Dad often loses his balance now and has fallen a few times. Plus, does he take his medications as prescribed? You can't be in your parents' home every day, so you wonder what kinds of in-home help are available and how much they cost.

Although you'd have to research and compare specific services and costs yourself, an article by Dr. Anthony Komaroff, physician and Harvard Medical School professor, gives you a foundational understanding of types of in-home help. Think of this article as learning what words to Google. For example, Dr. K explains differences between home health care and private duty care. I especially like that he tells what Medicare covers and what it doesn't. Please read what Dr. Komaroff has to say about services to help older adults remain independent for as long as possible. You'll find it here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More on communicating with a person with Alzheimer's

Some previous posts have included ways I found to communicate with my favorite person with Alzheimer's, my father. Caregivers can easily become frustrated with a loved one's incomprehension or irrational fears. In this article on, Malika Brown offers her suggestions as well.