Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Free Respite Opportunities for Caregivers

You love your mom or dad with Alzheimer's. You see their needs. You embrace opportunities to visit, to cook for, to care for them. After a time, however, you may notice the spring in your step toward their door has morphed into foot dragging. Heaviness of heart and physical fatigue are normal for a caregiver. Perhaps you have looked into respite and/or counseling support, but found it outside your budget. Take heart!

If you feel tired from any aspect of parental caregiving, please read this article at entitled "Free Respite Opportunities for Caregivers." Allan S. Vann gives live links to seven FREE respite opportunities that I had no clue about during all the years I might have benefited from them.

The one form of support I did find invaluable was the Alzheimer's support group that met at my local library. It was facilitated by a volunteer trained by the Alzheimer's Association. Check your local newspapers for such support groups at your library, hospital, or nursing home. And a few times I called the Alzheimer's Association 24-hour helpline, too. They were great. Don't hesitate to call them at 1-800-272-3900. Or check out their Community Resource Finder at

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