Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Top 10 Ways for Caregivers to Spend Dollars Wisely

Small caregiving expenses add up quickly ... An $8 lotion for Mom's rash doesn't do the trick, so you try a different brand at another $8. The second lotion doesn't bring the desired comfort level, so the doctor prescribes a generic cream; your copay is $4. That's $20. Dad's usual salad dressing has begun to give him indigestion, so you plunk down $3 or $4 a couple more times to find a dressing that doesn't bother him. How many compression sleeves, at $29 a pop, for arthritic hands, knees, and elbows have you gone through? You page through assistive-aids catalogs and haunt aisles of medical supply stores to find grab bars you can affix in the existing bathroom. Cha-ching. Whether it's your money or your parents' money paying for these things, you need to purchase wisely.

In the current Caregiver.com newsletter, Kris Maxham, staff writer, offers 10 of the most helpful ways to spend your limited resources. They include legal advice and respite ideas for you, and alerts and alarms for your loved one. It's a great list ~ check it out here.

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