Thursday, November 6, 2014

Music & Memory: "Alive Inside" shows music is good for Alzheimer's

Seeing music's effect on my father supports the premise of a new documentary, Alive Inside. The film, by Dan Cohen's nonprofit group Music & Memory, demonstrates how music can revitalize a person with Alzheimer's disease. I posted some links in May 2014 to articles about this as well. Music connects people to their past and to their present in ways nothing else can. I am glad to see that Music & Memory trains caregivers to create individualized playlists for the people with dementia under their care. My dad's own playlists on cassette tapes from decades ago were the ones that he responded best to. Music & Memory also accepts donations of new or gently used iPods.

To see where Alive Inside is playing near you, or to request a screening, go to the Alive Inside website. To see a clip of one patient, Henry, happily responding to his favorite music, click here.

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