Saturday, August 17, 2013

Grief Changes Us—For the Better

Despite its many joys, caring for aging parents brings grief as well. You’re slowly losing a parent and your child-role as your parent adjusts to his or her losses of vitality and freedom. Add to that the probability that each generation empathizes with the other’s pain, and it’s a tough season for all. But we can choose to focus on the richness and meaning of the season as well.

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW, writes in “Grief Intelligence: A Primer” that grief is lifelong and that it changes us. If we think grief comes to a close, we are mistaken. And grievers’ lives will be enriched by seeing the bigger picture. I encourage you to read her perspectives here:

Bush’s perspectives have brought me freedom from false expectations. In addition, thinking about how grief has changed me for the better gradually rotates my attitude toward loss into a new position. Whether this new position will be one of more readily accepting, welcoming, and/or transcending remains to be seen.

Bush’s article is worth pondering by anyone grieving any loss.


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